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On average over 150 suppliers and individuals wanting to introduce their product, service or venue contact us every week. And we received over 1750 emails last year from people seeking a job or internship with us. That's a lot! We consider it a compliment that we are a company people would like to work with and for. In order to ensure you don't waste your time or ours, we would be grateful if you could only contact us via email as directed below. If you choose to telephone us our reception will not be able to connect you, and if your email is not received on these addresses we will unfortunately not be able to respond. If you still want to contact us, we'd love to hear from you!©CarlaTenEyck

Luxury Wedding Suppliers

You are welcome to email us to introduce your venue, product or service. We receive several hundred emails a month and it is not always possible for us to answer each one individually. We do read your emails and those companies,venues and services we think might be a good fit with us and our clients, and who are who are offering a luxury product or service, are added to our database. (If you opt us in to a mailing list on this email it counts against you and you will not receive a response!)

Sarah Haywood Luxury Wedding Planner

Career Opportunities

When we have job vacancies they are advertised on social media. We are NOT currently recruiting and we do not offer work experience. Our internship programme is exclusively filled via our education courses. You are welcome to email us your CV, but we are unable to respond at this time due to the volume of applications we receive. We will keep on file suitable applications and respond if an opportunity arises. Please note that we have no internship opportunities in 2018/19

Sarah Haywood Luxury Wedding Planners & Bespoke Party Planners

#BestTeamInBritain on Day 5 of a 6 day wedding celebration (and with clients who snuck in to our team photo!)

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