Camera Credits

We are indebted to all the talented photographers and cinematographers listed below who have so beautifully captured the events we produce on camera. We thrilled are to share their work with you on our website.

Thank you, Merci, Grazie, Xièxie...



Peter Rear and his talented team of cinematographers at Filmatography have filmed some of our most prestigious weddings and parties. They also edited the video on the opening page of our website for which we are truly grateful.

I Do Films

Husband and wife team Matt and Lori Buckman are Chigago based I Do Films. We love working with them and they have travelled with us from St Tropez to Scotland, and been on the team for some of our favorite events. They filmed the Scottish Adventure video on our home page.


Carla Ten Eyck

US based photographer Carla Ten Eyck not only heads up a talented team, but is one of our favorite people! We love her work and have hired her to specifically capture all the design details on some of our most extravagant events.

Edoardo Agresti

Multi-award winning Florence based photographer Edoardo Agresti has been working with us for nearly a decade. Our clients especially love his use of infrared in event photography - you can see why in this image above.

Eppel Fotografie

Ralf Czogallik is the name behind the lens at award winning, Netherlands based Eppel Fotografie. We were introduced by a client and loved his detail, emotion, and passion so much, we have been working with him ever since!


Filmatography is an award-winning international production company delivering world-class photography and cinematography. Like us, they are inspired by a collective desire to deliver the extraordinary. We rely on them to deliver for us on some of our most high-profile and prestigious celebrations.

Greg Finck

A client found Paris based Greg Finck on Instagram (endorsing the power of social media)! He specializes in shooting medium format film and the results speak for themselves. His work is featured all across this website, and he is now firmly established as one of our most trusted event partners.

Pippa Mackenzie

UK based Pippa Mackenzie Photography is a leading wedding photography team of documentary photographers. It was Pippa who, at a St Tropez wedding, captured the image that has become the iconic cover shot for Sarah's top-selling bridal book, the Wedding Bible.

Reportage Gallery

London based Reportage Gallery is a fine art photography agency we have been working with for nearly a decade. Delivering what they describe as "wedding photo-journalism" they capture the emotion of a celebration as it happens, to recreate imagery that portrays the intensity and beauty of the day.