Merry Christmas 2011

Season's Greetings!

We wish a Merry Christmas to all the lovely couples and their families whose weddings we have planned over the past twelve months (thank you for lettings us into your lives and treating us so well), the talented suppliers and beautiful venues we have worked with (thank you for making us look so good!), those who keep our business machine so well oiled - our PR and Design agencies, accountants, lawyers and bankers.

Thank you too the press both here in the UK and abroad for the kindness you have shown us and for the amazing interest in us and our work. Royal Wedding week was a highlight: I believe I appeared across 6 contents in 5 days  and including 15 live TV broadcasts across the world.  Appearing as CNN's wedding expert on the day of the Royal nuptials and being part of the biggest wedding story that I will certainly ever see, was both a privilege and pleasure.

This beautiful Tuscan landscape in the snow was taken by our friend Carlo Carletti in Crete Senesi which lies to the south of Siena. It would make a great screensaver and he is happy for you to use it as such.

We wish all of you, wherever you are in the world a very Merry Christmas and peaceful and prosperous 2012.




© Sarah Haywood